Monday, October 03, 2005

It's funny, trying to find my way around this silly new blog. It's not like a clean journal that opens simply to the first blank page, and with just the right pen, automatically becomes your own space. This blog feels somewhat like a cubical. It has a desk with drawers that hide important things that I never placed there. It has corporate blue walls and manilla envelopes. I can smell the eraser dust and sharpie pens now. I don' t even have a picture of my parents to hang here.

This is probably why I haven't ever written in it. That, and once this post goes to print, it could show up just about anywhere; may as well do a power point presentation with it.

...And here we have the close-up and personal blog of the Not-So-Famous-Violinist-Blogger who currently resides at eblogger under the pseudonym of puffintoad. Notice her witty and animated writing skills that embellish simple nuggets of truth and wisdom... If I was powerpointing, the Phrase "Not-So-Famous-Violinist" would bounce in size 20 yellow Arial across a varigated purple background. Then three bullets would whiz by:
-----------truth and wisdom

(four bullets is not aesthetic)

Actually, the reason I came to this little cubical hole was to disappear into anonimity, after all the limelight I face with my Violinistblog. Sometimes I just want to come out and say what it is I'm really trying to say, and not have to face a crowd that isn't going to get it at all. Half of the time I start to write and then it's "Nevermind..." Delete. How can you be silly and candid or controversial and exposed when you have such a reputation to uphold? It's more likely that I can get away unnoticed here.

I feel no compulsion to become a regular to this blog. I will either end up writing in it, or I won't. I can guarantee, however, that what you find here will be all the things you won't find out about me anywhere else... How's that for a good trailer?


Blogger CamoBunny said...

well. i tried the whole anonymity thing. but then i got excited that people were reading me, and i invited some folks, and voila! blogstalkers. i feel a mild degree of censorship here as well, knowing that my cousin and my ex-roommate and my brothers read my blogs too. fortunately for me i've always tried to be pretty straight up about who i am (read: how mean i am) with everyone.

if you want, you can take your blog off of blogger's registry "list" to avoid random blogsurfers stumbling onto your blog. it should be under your "settings". also i will not post a link to you or give out your locale without your permission.

anyway i think you'll find this crowd easier to blog to. i hope so, anyway.

11:00 PM  
Blogger CamoBunny said...

it makes me want to know: what is the significance of the three more intensely colored dots at the top of the blog?

8:37 AM  
Blogger puffintoad said...

They're bullets--three aesthetically grouped bullets.

3:30 PM  
Blogger ambiguous wanderer said...

Which brings up another question.. why are the bullets grouped aesthetically?

I still keep a journal for more personal thoughts. There is nothing that beats penned-down personal thoughts on good ol' plant fibre carefully hidden away behind an innocent-looking, uninteresting ornament.

3:16 PM  

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