Saturday, October 29, 2005

We left the safety of the building to walk through the woods. I don't remember exactly what our destination was, but the trees were lovely. Nevertheless, I felt an extra element of fear in the journey.

The little girl sensed it first. She became frightened and began pointing as we crossed over a small wooden bridge at a low point in the forest. Imminent danger. What was it?

At last, I spied it: a large grizzly bear. Could I disappear before it noticed me? I tried quickly to become as small as possible while moving from the woods toward an open road. George was there too, only he didn't see it approaching. I shouted for him to turn. Get your gun out, George, there's a bear! He didn't see it. I pointed. He turned and looked in the direction of the approaching bear, which was on its hind legs now, practically on top of him. He didn't see it. Why couldn't he see it?

It's a ghost bear. This type of grizzly only exists in my realm, not George's. He is only real to me, and perhaps also to small girls who are sensitive to such threatening antagonists. This is the first dream in which I have made the observation that not everyone can even see the bears. Great, I've always wanted my own personal grizzly.


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